Uses in the school setting

Using a Podcast that is already created
1. You may have students find a podcast that elaborates on a concept they are learning in class or
to introduce a new concept you will be teaching in class and have students find a podcast on the topic.
2. Listen to a lecture from class and take notes from the lecture or use as a study tool.
3. Listen to a sporting event or a news show to get information.

Creating a Podcast

Management issues -
1. Need to a lot a certain amount of time (Vodcasting takes longer than podcasting and requires different equipment)
2. Look at the equipment resources you have available during class and after school
3. Develop a schedule based on the resources (for downloading a podcast that is already created, creating your own podcast and uploading your podcast.

Content Specific Podcasts
This is a link to lessons and activities with ipods in the classroom through apple.
These podcasts are from an elementary school. There is a good one on math and rules. (May 22)|&NodeID=1086
This is a podcast on novel by students This I Believe is a global project from HS English teacher. This podcast is a high school class doing a version of Shakespeare. This is a podcast of a teacher reviewing for a SS exam.
Speaking of History (This is the blog for Speaking of History) Key math concepts in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, in a short amount of time.
This is a science podcast where student is giving a riddle.
This is a podcast with a tour of Berlin using an ipod and a Belkin TuneTalk voice recorder. Class took audio as they were on a trip and then put pictures with it. (Short and simple but gives an idea of something you could do.
This is a series of podcasts for teachers by teachers. Episode is 38. is an audio podcast used by the a Middle School Band Teacher http:www.myfreedomband.orgPodcast for teachers topics dealing with teaching, very current
This website is an idea of how to use rap to report the news. http://theweekinrap.com__ This has podcast with students reports in french. This is Story Corps from NPR. StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit project whose mission is to honor and celebrate one another's lives through listening. This is a series of podcast and vodcasts on inventions and innovations. this link has connections to podcasts at all levels. You can search by keyword. Great resources.

This is the link for video on iTune u.
It gives good tips on searching.