These are some videos on using PBL. Overview of what PBL is from the Bucks Institute. High School interdisciplinary unit on blood bank.

This is an interdisciplinary 5th grade unit on designing solutions to problems astronauts face.

This is a unit for 5 year olds. great math resources for secondary math. This website has some good math resources.

I just came across this great webiste of a PBL video collection of topic and grade level specific resourses. Take a look and share what you think.

Here are a few more sites to add your collection of PBL Best Practices: HS Save the Beaches project - Science and Humanitities Give Me Shelter HS English and SS Blood Bank Project, HS English, Art, Science Middle school students at the Greater Brunswick Charter School in New Jersey complete an interdisciplinary project about gender roles combining Language Arts, History, Biology, and Media Literacy.
Classroom 2.0:
Free Project Based Learning Resources That Will Place Students at The Center Of Learning:
How do I reserve my world video:
International PBL Academy:
Into to PBL from Global School Net:
MS Microsoft Live@edu
PBL Online:
Project Learning from Edutopia:
PBL Checklists:
Picture the Possibilities video:
Project, problem and Inquiry based Learning:
The Project Approach:
Some of these resources were shared by Naomi Harm. this is a 4/5 gr project that integrates art, museum, science and writing.