These are some tutorials on using Windows Movie Maker to create a vodcast (video podcast).
This video is the very basics of creating a video in Windows Movie Maker and how to post it on the web. It is about 9 min. long. This website has short tutorials on specific topics using Windows Movie Maker.

This is a series of ideas on how to use the Flip cameras.
Flip Video in the K-12 Classroom:
Teaching 'n Technology:
Using Flip Video in the Classroom PPT:
Flip Video Ultra Mobile Lab:
We Are Teachers:
Mr. Warner's Classroom Stories:
Learning in Hand:
Classroom 2.0 Live that lists various resources on how to use the Flip Camera?
This is a resource for the Flip Cam:
This is a video on signs of spring at MHTC using flip cameras and netbooks.

Movie maker video files
Movie maker basics video
another video tutorial