Blogging In Plain English

These are some links for blogs and blogs in education. This is a large grouping of blogs on all subject areas by Anne on math and ELA or any other subject area. See different types of blogs where video is embedded as well as pictures like this blog for math There are so many cool ideas. This is a blog from a teacher that is sharing ideas of integrating technology This is from a Teacher of the Year and it is for History and there is video and audio incorporated in it. this is a science news blog that updates current science issues that teachers and students could use. This blog is an example of ESL students posting viewpoints on global issues and raising a question and asking for feedback. Will Richardson's blog, this is an excellent resource David Warlick's blog on Teaching and Learning This is particular blog entry about creating Flat World Tales with classes around the world and the wiki where the tales are located is This is another post on thefischbowl blog having to do with Creating Personal Learning networks
This is another post that discussed Personal Learning Networks. This is a wiki about blogging with lots of resources. This is a blog a teacher used to involve parents and students in the reading of a book. This is a blog for tips and ideas using the smartboard. Bud the Teacher blog tips on how to use blogs in the classroom. EduBlog awards- great resources for the best of blogging in different categories.