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url for smartboard lesson
discuss how you would use this lesson in the classroom and how you will assess their learning
Maria J. Vallejo


Sorry, I think I got it right this time.

The firts url:
This class uses the smartboard to teach occupations, colors, phonetics, grammar and vocabulary. The children play games, they have the opportunity to use the smartboard themselves and they interact and participate during the lesson. This class is planned for first graders.
The second url:
This one shows a class on how to use the Thesaurus, Dictionary and Translator in Word 2007. I think this is a good tool to have when writing essays and assignments. I would assess it by giving my students a list of words in English to translate into Spanish, and a list of words in Spanish to look for their meanings.
Both sites belong to the Latin-American program, yet they can be utilized as a great “authentic material” and as a tool for “connections” with other subjects.
In this lesson you can work with numbers and food. Originally this lesson has been made for Math, but it can be well adapted into a foreign language lesson – Spanish.

1. This lesson is about telling the time. It could be a great and fun approach when teaching the time in Spanish.
Julie Johnson
The first url: This is a lesson used for basic grammar and sentence order, It uses pictures and sentences or vocabulary that the students can match with the picture.
The second url: This url, you have to scroll down and click on "Bridge Unit." This is used for basic lessons in speaking and forming conversational sentences.
Kaleigh Cwik
This lesson focuses on sentence structure. Students fill in the blank with the correct word or conjugated form of a verb.
Kaleigh Cwik
In this lesson, each page features a different student giving a description of their country. Students must guess the country according to the descriptions in French.
Zoraida Aponte
The material in this lesson is suitable for level I Spanish students, where they have to learn present tense verbs, weather related vocabulary and expressions. This material and more will be required to master the state proficiency exam at the end of the school year. I will use smartboard to illustrate the weather images, then have student minimize the image and use SB as a white board to write name of the season. The second url is an envioronmental lesson on acid rain, in Spanish. Again i will use SB as a screen, and use maps to show locations of acid rain in latin america. I would asses them by giving them a map quiz, and have them state in complete spanish sentences, using the verbs, vocabulary related to topic.
Gamze Oner
As an ESL teacher, I would use this lesson to teach adjectives by making the students work on adjectives on smart board individually. This lesson is suitable for the elementary level. Also, I believe that the use of smart board with elementary students will make the learning easier and more memorable. What makes it memorable is that(e.g. they have an opportunity to see the place of an adjective in a sentence visually.)
Christina Soto
The first smartboard lesson is about animals and different parts of a farm. This is a very basic lesson. What is helpful about it is that use of color and its interactive nature where students are required to circle the animals according to the statement on the top. This would work well at a middle school level. The second smartboard lesson is
Christina Soto
I can not open most smartboard lesson plans to see the actual smartboard activity but this would seem like a good lesson based on the description of the lesson plan itself. It includes calling up or visiting a restaurant and an interview with a native speaker. Also, it discusses gastronomy and social aspects of why certain foods are popular. This would be good at an intermediate level and because it is interactive it would make a good project.
Ayse Hazir
In this smartboard lesson, I can probably use it for the kindergarten or elementary school students. Students are easily get bored in the ESL classes. As a teacher, I have to monitor and force them to learn however, at sme points they need something to relax and have fun. Instead of leave them on their own to talk each other or to play games between them, I can involve the whole class to the game because at the same time, they can learn something. Having fun and learning are mixed which among the most effective ways of learning and teaching.