Wikis in Plain English This gives tours on how to do many things on a wiki. This wiki has been used by this history teacher for a few years. The curriculum and student work is included as well as a calendar. This wiki has science lab from different science courses. This is a wiki that has glogs integrated in the wiki and is about the books "Maybelle the Cockroach". This is a wiki from a high school class discussing how they use web 2.0 tools in school. Lots of great links. This is a wiki created by a teacher at Highland HS that shows great ways to use a wiki in a HS English classroom. This wiki shows how a school is using a wiki space for many classes and a hub of information. Vicki Davis uses this for her classes and only her students and the teacher can join and edit the space. Gr 1-2 wiki The focus of the wiki is on 21st century skills. This is a wiki that was developed as a result of a grant project for Future Classrooms and the focus of this one is math. This wiki is from teachers and students around the world. 4th grade teacher's wiki college professor using a wiki for his class on Censorship and Responsibility Students will create aThousand and One Flat World Tales, a storybook online...students of all grades, from around the world. We'll focus on 6+1 traits, fiction techniques, and hopefully our students will see a common thread between all the stories.
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Wiki started by a chemistry professor at UC Davis. While some sections are a bit short, it does a have a vast amount of information for a chemist. Great pages include an introduction to microscopy and even some information on physical chemistry, thermodynamics (shudder). (Marc )
This is a Wiki created for the purpose of showing teachers the importance of group work. It discusses the dynamics of group work and the data to support it. The wiki also includes instructions and downloads.
This is a wiki blog that is geared towards teachers K-12 and offeres many different tips as well as article reviews. This link shows 3 articles that discuss different ways to use wiki in the classroom
This is a wiki that was used for a classroom project. The assignment was to rewrite the words of the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire," based on the different social, political, and cultural changes that occurred during the time period of the group's choice.

This wiki is a large scale project based on the campaign issues of the 2008 Presidential election.
This wiki is centered around history. -Danielle
This wiki, from what I gathered was more of a review of Earth Science topics like: Astronomy, Tectonics, Natural Disasters, Rock/Minerals, Soils and weather. I find this a good way to give kids access to info at all times. Without having to flip through a book I think kids are mroe likely to look through information. There is a nasty stigma on READING you TEXTBOOK. It's just one of those things I Guess and this Wiki helps students get the info minus reading their books. It would also make a good review. This is a cultural project designed as an exchange experience in which teenagers will compare the way they live, their interests, likes and dislikes and learn from each other. (Wendy Cobb)

Jeanne: Here is a wiki from my son's 8th grade ELA class. It's an ongoing joint project between Onteora Middle School and a school that serves a military base in Jordan. It's password protected, I'll email you a way in:

Cheryl: This is a link to a wiki that has a lot of information on Shakespeare. I know I always end up going back to him, but I feel that Shakespeare can be so difficult for students sometimes and if I don't teach them about him, someone else will. This wiki provides many tools and links to visual options as well. Shakespeare's works were meant to be seen anyhow, right? This is a wiki for resources for elementary teachers to share ideas. This wiki gives info on how to include different things in your wiki using wikispaces. This is a wiki that a teacher uses for digital writing. There are personal narratives.